Social media scams<}}

Social media scams

It's often best to trust your gut.

by Experian News

Social scams are becoming more common. Classically, these include phishing emails that capture your account or payment information by pretending to be a familiar vendor or scam calls that attempt the same thing by phone. #Socialmedia is the new frontier for these #scams, so keep your eyes out there as well.

Beware of social media ads.

These often offer "too good to be true" pricing on your favorite items, but may simply exist to take your credit card information and leave you empty-handed, or otherwise disappointed. Before making purchases, conduct some research into the company, keeping a special eye out for any customer complaints. If something seems off, it's often best to trust your gut. If the deal they're offering is vastly better than what's being charged by websites you know and trust, be leery. Also be skeptical of ads claiming a merchant has a stock of widely sold-out items as well, such as video game consoles, as they may simply be looking to take advantage of desperate consumers.

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