Protect Your Digital Footprint<}}

Protect Your Digital Footprint

What Is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is an accumulation of all your online activities—your social media posts, internet purchases, the websites you visit, etc. All these actions leave a digital trail that can be tracked and analyzed to learn about your habits and create customized experiences.

Cybercriminals can also use your footprint as an aid when executing social engineering schemes – such as phishing attacks – and other scams.

How Can I Manage My Footprint?

Before you share information about yourself, first consider whether the convenience and benefits are worth the added exposure.

More Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Tips

Keep all software up to date, including your operating systems, browsers, and apps.

  • Strengthen your logins by ensuring you’re using complex and unique passwords for your online accounts and have enabled multi-factor authentication whenever available.
  • Use tighter privacy settings with your social media accounts and assume that everything you post online could be made public.
  • Limit app permissions and be selective about granting access to information such as your photos, locations, contacts, etc.

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