How to Leverage Hashtags Effectively in Social Media Marketing<}}

How to Leverage Hashtags Effectively in Social Media Marketing

First, define your target market and narrow your focus.

  • Create your marketing to mirror what your potential clients prefer or are searching for.
  • Keep text in graphics minimum, using no more than 30% of the total image area.
  • Please don't cast a broad net with your advertising. A wide marketing net may not be specific enough to connect with your target clients. If you try to appeal to everyone, you may connect with no one.

Select appropriate hashtags.

Try to choose hashtags that are as narrow or as niche as possible. The fewer posts a hashtag has, the more likely you'll social position will be viewed by people who follow them. If you use a popular hashtag, the post will only be viewed in the high-volume feed for a few seconds. So then, timing is essential when using a popular hashtag.

Fact: If you have a genuinely informative post, more people will re-share it, increasing your overall brand awareness.

Don't overuse hashtags.

Hashtags are an essential part of social media strategy. They give your brand more exposure so you can spread the word about your product to a massive audience. Besides, people will easily remember your hashtag when you use it multiple times on different channels. However, each social media platform has its befitting hashtag frequency and crossing it might lead to lesser engagement. Using 10+ hashtags can reduce engagement by 68.2%, as inferred from the Social Baker study.

  • Twitter: Because of character count restrictions, avoid using more than two hashtags per tweet for the best engagement.
  • Facebook: Use 2 hashtags on Facebook; one popular hashtag and one custom hashtag for your brand.
  • Instagram: It allows up to 30; however, keep it to no more than 9 per post for better engagement.
  • LinkedIn: There is no constraint on the usage of hashtags. But it has been recommended to limit it to a maximum of 5. Otherwise, LinkedIn Algorithm could mark your posts as spam.
  • Pinterest: Use two hashtags on Pinterest to help pinners to find relevant content.
  • TikTok: Use 4-5 hashtags on TikTok to boost your reach on the platform.

The Bottom Line.

Instagram is in business to make money from advertising. Using multiple hashtags will only be slightly effective in finding new clients and may every hurt posts. Consider crafting targeted content to move your business forward.